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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 2:51 AM

Self-Cooked Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop

Yay!!! Chicken chop!! I would say this will be definitely an impressive set of self-cooked meal especially for people you love (Family, friends and partner) =) Ordinary side dishes that come along with chicken chop would be mashed potato, coleslaw or salad. Looks easy, but it’s not as easy as it is. Each and every side dishes and the chicken chop itself require different cooking steps. Not to say others, the chicken chop itself already require a few different time consuming cooking steps which include deboning, marinating, and finally grilling. And yea, preparing the sauce is not an easy task. What I mean is that, I will usually prepare brown sauce for my yummylicious mushroom sauce =) (It takes time for the brown sauce to be done) DEBONING! Yup, I usually debone the chicken myself. The reason behind is that I can practice more and improve my deboning skills. And another reason is that I can save the chicken bone for my brown sauce. Hehe

The thing that cannot be left out for this yummylicious meal would be mashed potato. Everyone loves mashed potato. And it provides the source of carbohydrate for the meal. I’ve tried a few different recipes for mashed potato and I don’t really like those previous one. I tried modifying some recipes and finally I came out with something that I really like. My friends love it too =) For this, I need to credit one of my unimates that had inspired me. The coleslaw recipe I used for this is the best that I’ve tried. I would like to thank one of my dearest friends for giving me the recipe (You know who you are ^^)

The first time I cooked the complete set of chicken chop was during Father’s Day. My dad was surprised by me and my parents enjoyed dinner for that night very much. My friends tried my self-cooked chicken chop too and they love it =) Will try cooking lamb and beef next time ^^

2:50 AM

Are You At Risk?

Ladies, please take note of the health of your breast. According to the latest M'sia statistic, one in 19 women will have a risk of developing breast cancer. Thus, breast self examination is important for an early detection of breast cancer cell development. This website provides lots of beneficial information regarding breast cancer.

2:49 AM

Healthy Snack

Some information I would like to share =) An article that explains how healthy snacks fit into a healthy diet loss strategy.

1:53 AM

A Healthy Treat ( Millet)

The type of food that I would like to share in this post is Millet. Millet is often known as the main ingredient in bird's food. After all, millet is a type of nutritious grain that often used to accompany other type of grains. Millet is tiny in size and round in shape and often come in a few colours such as white, yellow and grey. Cooked millet is soft and is a suitable food for elderly and children. The reason why I mentioned that millet is a nutritious food because it is rich in various kind of vitamins and minerals.

Millet is full of the nutrients that your body needs:

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin E

Vitamin K










Dietary fiber

Millet is simply a delicious grain. For those who have no idea on how to prepare a nutritious healthy millet treat, here I provide a simple recipe.

Nutritious Pumpkin Millet Porridge

  1. 100g of millet
  2. Half a cup of diced pumpkin
  3. One litre of water
  4. Salt and pepper for seasoning
  • Cook millet with water until the water starts to boil. Continue boiling for 10 minutes.
  • Add diced pumpkin and continue to cook until millet and pumpkin are soft enough.
  • Add seasoning to taste.
And finally you can enjoy your healthy millet treat. =)

1:26 AM


What is safe to eat now? Are you sure what you are eating everyday is safe for your health? Are u aware of the chemicals, growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic additives, colouring and preservatives that present in your food? Our health will be definitely at risk when our body system start alarming with the dangerous level of hazardous chemical accumulated in the body.

When our food choices begin to impact our health, shouldn't we take a moment to ponder what has gone wrong and start to make changes? Consuming organically grown produce and whole food is the first step in reassuring our health status. Organic crops in well-balanced soil, free from any artificial fertilizers, synthetic chemicals and genetic modifications. As a general guide for those who realize the importance of health, why not make the first step by modifying the choice of food? Go for ORGANIC!

12:56 AM


It has been ages since I last updated my blog. Well, it's time for me to be active since I've isolated my blog for years. Apart from that, I've decided to set a new theme for my blog. Since my life is revolving around health issues and food, the new updates for my blog will be regarding health issues and food as well ( Some topics that I would love to share ) =) Hope my sharing be beneficial for you guys =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 8:57 AM

Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold therapy
is an established practice used in medical profession to treat injuries like sprained or strained arms or legs muscle and joint injuries. Cold therapy helps to slow down blood flow, thus reducing further swelling and pain. Meanwhile, hot therapy is used to treat injuries and to warm body parts during cold weather. For example, athlete uses hot therapy to warm up muscles by increasing blood flow.

Treating injuries with cold therapy

Athlete treating injuries

Cold and Hot Pack

For cold therapy, usually ice is used and for hot therapy, a hot water bag is used. Instead of using ice, a pack filled with chemical agent that reacts endothermically(absorbs heat) may use for cold therapy. Meanwhile, a hot water bag can be substituted with a pack filled with chemical agent that reacts exothermically(release heat). The packs mentioned are hot and cold pack. Both instant hot and cold can usually maintain their temperature for approximately 30 minutes. Hot and cold packs can be used in numerous ways. Have you ever used a cold or hot bag before? I’m sure majority does. But do you know how they work to give the cooling or warming effect?

A bag used for cold therapy

An ice bag

Hot water bag

I love this^^

Sponge bob hot water bag

Cold Pack

The invention of instant cold pack brings a lot of benefits as it is very convenient. I’m sure many people have came across a cold pack before.Cold packs can be used for chilling food and drink as well as for alleviating body aches and pains. But do you know how it works? For your information, a cold pack is made up of a strong and flexible outer plastic layer. The inner part of the pack is separated into two compartments. One compartment is filled with liquid(water) and another is filled with a freezing chemical mixture(salt). The cooling reaction is activated when pressure is applied to the pack, allowing the liquid and the freezing chemical to mix.

Instant cold pack

A cold pack

How cooling effect is activated?

Have you thought of what reaction that makes a cold pack has the cooling effect? The answer is simple, the ENDOTHERMIC reaction. An endothermic reaction involves the process of absorption of heat. In cold packs, usually ammonium nitrate is used as the freezing chemical agent. As mentioned earlier, when pressure is applied on a cold pack, the frangible barrier between the two compartments ruptures, causing water and ammonium nitrate to mix. The reaction between water and ammonium nitrate is an endothermic reaction as it absorbs heat from the surrounding. When ammonium nitrate reacts with water, it splits into positive ammonium ions and negative nitrate ions. In this process of dissolving the crystal, water molecule tend to ‘donate’ some of its energy, thus lowering its temperature. As result, you will feel the cooling effect on the cold pack as the water cools down.

An endothermic reaction gives the cooling effect

Ammonium nitrate

Equation showing ammonium nitrate dissociates into ammonium ions and nitrate ions

Positive ammonium ion and negative nitrate ion

Other freezing chemical agents that can be used in cold pack:

  • Ammonium chloride
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Sodium thiosulphate

Hot pack

Have you ever used a hot pack to warm your hands during cold weather or during a muscle cramp? Hot pack is definitely a girl’s best friend especially during menstrual cramp. The hot therapy instantly relieves the suffering pain.

How it works?

Like a cold pack, an instant hot pack has the same physical structure. However, the reaction that takes place to give the warming effect of a hot pack is different. The chemical reaction that takes place in a hot pack is an EXOTHERMIC reaction, which means that it releases heat during the reaction. Like a cold pack, an instant hot pack needs a chemical agent to undergo chemical reaction. For hot pack, anhydrous calcium chloride is used. Same goes to hot pack, when the outer bag is squeezed, the film between the two compartments will rupture, allowing water and anhydrous calcium chloride to mix. Exothermic reaction between water and anhydrous calcium chloride releases heat, causing temperature of the water to increase. At this time, the hot pack is ready to be used.

An exothermic reaction gives the warming effect

Hot packs

Other substances that can be used in hot packs:

  • Anhydrous magnesium sulphate
  • Anhydrous copper(II) sulphate
  • Calcium oxide

Reusable heat pack

Instead of instant hot pack, you can try using reusable heat pack. You can reuse the heat pack instead of using once.

How it works?

A reusable heat pack uses sodium acetate crystallization and resolution system. Sodium acetate freezes at 54˚C at normal condition. However, when sodium acetate is placed in a sealed container, this solution can be cooled well below this temperature(-10˚C). This change is called super cooling.

When the metal disc in the bag is bent, it triggers a single molecule of liquid in the bag to crystallize and slowly causing the entire solution to change from liquid to solid. This phase change causes the pack to heat. When the heat pack is triggered, the solution is ‘taught’ how to crystallize, and the temperature jumps back to its ‘freezing’ point. The heat pack produces an even heat flow with the crystals it produces at higher temperatures. A reusable heat pack can produces heat for approximately two to three hours, depending on the size of the bag. Placing the bag in boiling water redissolves the sodium acetate crystals, and thus the heat pack can be reused.

Sodium acetate

Metal disk in the bag is bent

Bending of the metal disk triggers the molecule to crystallizes

Causing the other molecule to start crystallize

The entire solution turn from liquid to solid

And now....

You know how cold and hot pack work. And it's time for us to appreciate this excellent invention because they are useful. ^^